Images not displaying

Emails that I produce with Mailchimp are not showing their images in eM Client.  I check the “always download images from this sender” but no images appear.  I need to be sure that these emails work properly before I send them out to a mailing list. I do hope there is an answer to this otherwise I have wasted my money.

I should add that I have sent the email to two other recipients who can see the images.

For anyone else who experiences this problem I seem to have found the answer in Mailchimps knowledgebase.  eM client appears to be one of the email programmes that requires an absolute path for images instead of a relative path.  I used to use Outlook 2007 which had no such requirement.  Trying an absolute path with my email image worked a treat and thank goodness for that.

In a way this problem has done me a favour.  Anyone who was reading emails I sent via Mailchimp would not have seen the images in my emails at all if they were using eM Client, or indeed any other email programme that has the same requirement.  I am pleased, but also slightly irritated, to have finally discovered this.

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Hello Chris,

We’re glad to hear that it works now, thank you for sharing the answer to your own question with the rest of the users.