Images not being sent properly.

Today when I sent an email with a lot of inline pictures, horrible things happened. First of all, the client who received my email reported to me that some of the images are broken (not showing up). Secondly, when I sent the email to myself and checked it online using Gmail they show up stretched vertically. Here are some screen shots to prove it.

First image is a screen capture taken from eM Client. Second image is a screen capture taken from Gmail web client.

Update - I checked the source code of the email and this is what eM Client is putting out for my images above:

<br />
The error is that there are conflicting width and heights above - the CSS width and heights do not match the HTML width and heights. It seems what Gmail is doing is taking the CSS width and the HTML height and making the image stretched vertically.  
The fix for eM Client would be to make the HTML width and height (which is wrong - that is the original image width and height) match the CSS width and height (which is correct - that is what i re-scaled them to).


could you send me one or two messages with this issue exported into .eml to [email protected] together with this topic’s url?