images in signatures are not working

I’ve tried png, jpeg, gif…and no images are able to be inserted into signatures? I received a black x, with border surrounding the size of the image. Any help?? Thanks?

Did you insert the picture from a file or as a link?

This is still a problem. Images that I inserted in the signature modification box yesterday from a file have changed to black x’s with a white square around them. Any suggestions, please email me at michaelgraham@isp.comThanks.

Please send me an email including the signature directly at Thank you.

I am experiencing this issue as well. When I create the signature it adds the picture fine, but the next time I open eM Client I also get the black x instead of the image.

Bradley, I figured out that in order to solve this black x problem the image has to be saved onto your hard drive (or a USB that is always in your computer) and eM Client has to be directed to and access it from that saved location every time you use the signature. If you save it on a USB and remove the USB then the eM Client program does not know where to look for the image. Hope that helps. Michael Graham