Images in Quick text and signatures

Hi, I am looking at pro licence for 2 devices and I have a question. Is there anyway to embed images in quick texts? also, is there live chat support?

also, If I want to use EM client on 2 machines and have them synced, what should I buy (Licence wise?)

When creating the Quicktext, you can embed an image by right-click and choosing Inert > Image.

There is a Chat option. By default this is setup with a Gmail account, and some others on IceWarp etc. when using automatic setup, but you can add a chat account later by going to Menu > Accounts and adding a new account, then selecting Chat.

An eM Client license is per computer, so you can either reactivate the license every time you change devices, or purchase a separate license for each device. There is a substantial discount if you purchase multiple licenses at one time.

Hi Gary, worked a charm, thank you very much.

Re Licences, will the 2 accounts be synced as I hop from machine to machine? (in 2 diffeerent locations)

If you setup the same accounts on both devices, and they are using IMAP (default) or Exchange, then the folders will be in sync between the devices.

Thank You very much for the assistance.