Images in messages not downloaded for offline use

[eM Client free version 7.2.35595.0] I wish to download all my messages for offline use. However, it’s not working for images in messages. The images are visible if I am online. However, if I go offline, most or all the images are replaced by broken image icons. For example, below are screen captures from part of a message.

Display if online :

Display if  offline :

I have check-marked Tools > Accounts > IMAP, “Download messages for offline use” and “Include attachments and images” as well as Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy, “Display unsafe content in all messages.”

What am I missing? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


By default eM Client will only retrieve the message header from the server. The message body and all other content is downloaded only when the message is opened.

Selecting to download for offline use will retrieve the message body before you open the message. The additional setting to include attachments and images only applies to embedded content, not linked content. It is becoming more common for senders to use dynamic content in their messages, so every time you open the message, new and updated images will be visible.

From the nature of your screenshots, I am certain that is dynamic content. Unfortunately it is not possible to download that for offline use.

Thanks, Gary, for your prompt and excellent reply. I was unaware of the concept of “dynamic content.” You have provided the opportunity for this (78-yr-) old dog to learn a new trick.