images as attachment are not displayed automatically (when sent from Apple's Mail client)

I’m having following issue with displaying images in received emails. When I receive email with attached images from Apple’s Mail client then eM is unable to load previews of the images and display them at the end of the message like it normally does. It also shows empty text files named as ‘attachment.txt’ (the number of these files is the same as the number of attached images in the email). Please see attached picture.

Is there a way to fix that? When I open such emails in gmail web interface the email and pictures are displayed normally without these extra empty txt files.
Thank you!

I remember the same issue in Thunderbird some time back. It may be caused by Mail’s non-standard message structure. Some email clients don’t have a problem with it, some do. 

If you have a Pro License, you can open a support ticket, and maybe the developers can look into it.

Somewhat related to Gary’s suggestion, I have encountered something similar with Microsoft Outlook. If the sender’s Outlook application expects the recipient to be also on Outlook, it will send the email with proprietary encoding, which if the recipient is no longer on Outlook, then the email appears corrupted or incomplete.

The solution ended up being to delete the recipient’s contact from the address book and re-add the contact so that any record of the recipient also using Outlook is removed, and emails were once again being delivered and arriving in a correct format.

Prior to the action of recreating the contact, I noticed that if the email was sent though GMail, the email encoding was ‘repaired’ to an extent, but if the email was sent though Hotmail (Microsoft’s own mail servers), the Outlook encoding was maintained.

This circumstance may offer a potential solution.