Image Inline or Attached

What determines when an image is shown inline vs being added as an attachment.

When I want something to be inline I always paste it from my clipboard but for some reason today it’s creating an attachment.

Normally if you paste a picture “into the body of your email” that is only inline.

Right but that’s not happening.

Try dragging the image “into the body of the email” rather than pasting.

If still doesn’t work inline, what version of eM Client are you running ? Also do you have Windows or Mac.

This depends on whether you are composing the messages in plain text or HTML.

With plain text, the pasted image will be an attachment. With HTML, the pasted image will be embedded in the message body.

To change the way messages are created, go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Mail Format, and change both options to HTML.

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I changed the settings as recommended but I haven’t gotten back to it.