Image downloading?

Hi all, if I am sent an email with an image inserted the image seems to be taking along time to download…a 455kb photo will slowly display one line at a time!
If I open that same email in Gmail it downloads almost instantly. Is there a setting where I can fix this?..alternately, is there a setting that will enable me to decide if I actually want images to download at all?

If you have the latest eM Client V9.1 you can go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Privacy”,

You can set the option to “Ask before downloading external content when editing, forwarding or replying to email”.

Also set options to "Display external content only from your “whitelisted senders” you specify.

Or only display external email content from people in your contact list.

See screenshot options below.

See the eM Client (Privacy help link url below) for full information.

Privacy (

Thank you for your response…my issue relates not so much to the receiving of images but they way in which they display, I am of course referring to inserted, rather than attached images. I am assuming your detailed instructions refers to attachments?.
As mentioned, a relatively small image of under 400kb displays very slowly, usually by one line at a time…I was hoping therefore I would be able to ‘save’ images to my image editing program for separate viewing rather than opening them in eM Client.

The external content relates to what is displayed or loads in the “Body of the email”. So eg: Inline images loading or embedded images or videos loading.

Ah…ok, thanks.