I'm sending mail from an Alias account but the reciever sees primary Account!


I’m using Outlook/Hotmail.

  • When sending mail from an Alias account, the reciever sees primary Account.

For example: I have one account registred to EM Client “[email protected]”. In that account I’ve set up an Alias called “[email protected]”. But when I send a mail from my Alias-account to a friend, he sees the sender as “[email protected]”. Of course I own the Alias at www.outlook.com.

Have I missed something?

I have the same problem with my Outlook.com primary/alias.

Just saw I misspelled. I ment [email protected] at the end, not [email protected] of course.

Well, is there anyone that can give me a hint? I was 5 minutes from buying this product, and I never buy softwares. But then ran into this problem. So explain to me how I can solve this issue, and I buy it.