I'm sending e-mails, but - unlike Elvis - they're not leaving the building (i.e. my laptop).

They appear in the Sent folder but don’t seem to arrive at the mail server.  The issue applies to the 2 accounts I’ve got.  If I send via webmail or my mobile, they go.  The diagnostics for POP3/SMTP check out OK.  What else can I try, please?

If your mails appear in the “Sent” folder, why would you they do not leave?
If that were the case, they would be in the “Drafts” folder !!
And as your connections to the server are OK !! everything is normal.
Best regards.

Do they show up in your Webmails “Sent” Folder?

Have you tried using Imap?

Hi Andy,
are your mails actually not sent to the recipients at all or do they just now appear on your server’s sent folder? If your emails arrive to the recipients, then there is no problem, really. POP3 protocol doesn’t synchronize your emails back to the server. Of course, when you use the webmail directly, the mails will be on the server, but if you use the client, then you only download your messages and store them locally, but you never synchronize back.
If you want to have all your messages synchronized on your devices/server/eM Client I recommend switching to IMAP.

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Sorry not to have replied before, Olvia, but didn’t get any update on the thread. In the end, they were going to the ISP’s server, but not being sent on from there. Took about 2 days to get to the bottom of it. Certainly wasn’t EMClient’s prob! Thanks again.

Thank you for letting us know, Andy. I’m glad all is in order.