I'm seeing different numbers of emails on different PCs for the same account

I use eM Client on my a laptop and a PC, in both cases looking at the same Outlook (live.co.uk) e-mail account.  The Outlook account has subfolders which I have created in addition to the default folders. eM Client shows different numbers of e-mails in these folders (in one case 67 and 153) depending upon whether I’m using the PC or the laptop.  I have tried deleting and recreating the account in eM Client but still get the same results.
There may be a simple reason/solution for this, but I can’t see it.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

Yes this is misleading and it is because in eM Client when emails are grouped in a conversation, the whole conversation is indicated as one email.

Go to Menu > View > Conversations > Disable conversations, and the count will be the same as in Outlook.com.

Thank you for the suggestion.  However, I’ve previously disabled conversations in both copies of eM Client.
Without e-mail by e-mail inspection of the contents of, for example, the folder showing both 67 and 153 e-mails, I can however see a large swathe of e-mails missing between late July and November.
I can’t see anything different about these missing e-mails though.  Refreshing makes no difference to the numbers.
It’s as if the two copies of eM Client have seen the folders as entirely different entities for a period…

And you are using IMAP on both computers?

I used the automatic account setup in both cases.
On both PCs the account settings appear to be identical.  There are no IMAP or SMTP tab settings; in each case there’s an Exchange Web Services tab and a Server entry pointing to https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx
I was wondering about copying the contents of the folder reporting the larger number of e-mail to a local folder, deleting the online folder and then recreating it and copying the saved e-mails back into it to see what happens?

PS  If I drag or copy an e-mail into the folder in EM Client on one of the PCs it appears in EM Client on the other PC after a refresh.  So both copies of eM Client are looking at the same online folder…

I think your idea will work.

Well that made it worse.
The copy went OK, despite the usual error messages.
I deleted the online folder; it disappeared from both eM Clients’ online folder lists.
I then recreated the online folder; it appeared in both eM Clients’ online folder lists.
I then copied the e-mails from the local folder to the new online folder.  Again an error message, but the copy worked (numbers are the same).
The PC’s eM Client is now showing the same number of e-mails in the online folder as I copied up; the laptop’s eM Client is showing just 4 in the same folder, no matter how many refreshes I try!
Beginning to lose all confidence in eM Client now…
I found an old web entry saying that eM Client is dodgy with the Exchange Web Services protocol - it looks like it still is.  Anybody know of any IMAP settings for use with Exchange instead of EWS?

One thing you could try is to delete the account and add it again.

Instead of using the automatic setup, choose mail and then outlook. This well setup your email, contacts and calendar. The default settings are for IMAP and work without any changes needed.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I’ve now tried that and have IMAP and SMTP settings under the account, but it still comes back with only 4 e-mails in the folder.  The online account has 7 other ‘user’ folders and they all contain the same number of e-mails when viewed from both the PC and laptop’s eM clients.  I’m at a loss to understand whay is going on with this particular folder.  My only thought (now) is that it contains a larger number of e-mails that other folders.  I’ve tried a repair on the folder to clear the cache, but that hasn’t changed anything either…
Time to give up and look for another client instead, I think.  Or go back to Outlook (Yikes!).
Shame; it all looked so promising when I first started using eM Client.
Thank you for all your sugestions, though…

I decided to check the contents of the online folder using web access (hadn’t thought of doing so before because it’s such a long time since I’ve used webmail to access the live.co.uk account).  It also showed 4 e-mails!
All this time I’d been thinking there was a problem reading e-mails from an account, but the problem lies at the other end: with the upload. 
The copy from the local folder to the online folder using the PC appeared to have worked, despite an error message: using the PC copy of eM Client the folder looked to hold all the messages and they could all be read and their full contents shown. 
But the upload using EWS had actually failed; I suspect all I was viewing was the contents of a local cache which appeared to show messages online which weren’t actually there.
I had only changed from using EWS to Outlook IMAP settings on the laptop - because I had assumed the problem lay with reading e-mails held online.
I changed the settings from EWS to Outlook IMAP on the PC and repeated the upload from the local folder to a new online folder.  Success.
Moral 1: Question all assumptions.
Moral 2: em Client still has a real problem with the Exchange Web Services protocol.
Again, many thanks for the suggestions along the road.  Now perhaps I can get on with some work at last…