I'm receiving notice of an update to 7.2.35576 but the link to update is DEAD???

Update to 7,2.35576?

Hello William,
can you please provide more details about your situation, so we can inspect it? Do you get any error message when you try to download this update? If so, please copy it or take a screenshot of it - ▷ How to take a screenshot
Are you using our native notifications or System notifications?
What Operations system and what version do you currently use?

Thank you for your cooperation.


That’s easy. A window pops up saying there’s a new version available but when I click “Yes” nothing occurs?? I’m currently using 7.2.34062.0. Operating system is Windows 7.  It just doesn’t want to follow through with the update. Should I reinstall with 7.2.35576.0?

I just found the 7.2.35576.0 update online and manually updated my version. So far all seems to work OK.
Thanks for your interest.

This is their site for all versions  and one can download the one you  need or get the older one  you are using.


Hi William,
thank you for the information, seems like you had an older version which unfortunately contained a bug that made notification unresponsive. I am glad to hear you were able to find the manual download, this issue is already fixed in the current versions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.