Im receiving email to tell me i have message on my ip service and then 5 sec after it goes to spam

and it keep converting the email into a spam

ive removed all my rules that where on this client and the other place i use it also

and i went on gmail and added it as a not spam and yet i can see it for like 5 sec then it move to the spam i really need help

Check your Gmail online mailbox filters and rules" to make sure you haven’t set a rule there to move it to the Spam / Junk, folder apart from in eM Client.

You can also see online Gmail rules in eM Client as well “via the dropdown at the top of rules” where you select between Local & Server.

If no filters or rules setup in Gmail online, try then “deselecting all check boxes in eM Client rules” just incase you might have a rule possibly hidden.

If deselecting all rules in eM Client still makes no difference, then “it could be either the Gmail online mailbox ai spam engine hasn’t fully trained yet” even though you marked that email as not spam as you advised, or “you might have another optional spam / junk mail program running” intercepting that email when it arrives in the Inbox.

Do you have eg: Mail washer or any other similar external spam monitoring type programs running that might be moving it automatically to the Spam / Junk folder…