I'm disappointed

I own emClient 6 Pro since may 2015. Unfortuately I had a crash on my main-PC. Therefore I had to install Windows 7 from scratch. In the meantime I did install my emClient on my tablet-PC for mailing. After Windows and all programs were installed, I did deinstall emClient on the tablet-PC.
And now I cannot start emClient on my main-PC. He said that the max activations are reached.
I made a urgent-ticket this morning (europe-time). Up to now there is no answer on my ticket.
I’m very disappointed of the Pro-Support.

Hello, if you’re a PRO license user, you can manage your activation in the licensing system available at http://licensing.emclient.com/ login using your credentials that you’ve received with your license purchase/registration…

If you’ve uninstalled the program or reinstalled your computer without deactivating the license first, you may not be able to reactivate unless you deactivate from the license manager.

Please make sure to let me know if you come across any deactivation issues with the license manager.