Illusive February 2015

I am trying to print a calender in month view for February 2015. Every time I click on Print Preview I get March. When I close the print preview the calendar has advanced to March. If I then click the back arrow to go to February, I get January.
Printing January 2015 works fine, and March 2015 works fine, but no February 2015.
The only way I can do it is to select the all the days in February, and then under Print Preview choose Month View > Print Range > Use Calendar Range.
Any ideas?

I’m not able to replicate the issue, what version are you using and can you make a screenshot of the month view with the print preview together,
print preview should give you the month you’re seeing in your application.

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I am using version 6.0.19861.0

If you look in the preview window, the calendar is March 2015. If you look at the calendar behind, the heading is March 2015, but the calendar is February 2015.

Hi, not sure if I understand, does the name of the month in the application change when you click on the print preview as well?

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Yes. If you look at the screenshot, the month name in the application changed to March although the calendar remained as February. The preview has March name and calendar. Then when I exit the preview and click the < button to go to February, the application takes me to January.

Hi, I can see that now. Can you please try updating your application to this version (…) and let me know if it fixed the problem?

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Same thing happens.
If I uninstall (including removing registry entries), then install either the current version or from the link you sent, it works fine.
Once I restore my ~\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder, then I get the problem again.
Must be something to do with my data.

What calendar service are you using for this calendar?
Did you check if the issue is present even with empty database or with a different account/calendar?

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I am using Google calendar.
If I change the print settings Month View > Print Range > Use Calendar Range, it works fine.
If I choose Month View > Print Range > Print Exactly One Month Per Page, then I have this problem.

Hi, can you please send me an email ( with a reference to this forum topic?

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Is there a resolution to this problem? … as I am having the same issue. Even when it is on February, the print and print preview always changes to March. As far as I know… it hasn’t done this to any other month. I do not sync my calendar. I just use the calendar that comes with EM Client. 

Please update your eM Client to this latest release and check if the issue persists, this issue should already be resolved.

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