Ignoring the Forum?

It appears that only immediate troubles get any attention here what so ever. I have posted two issues and one for my wife. All three were virtually and actually ignored. Two deal with the UI and the inability of em client to save its view state. Each of these items could, at the very least, get a nod from an employee such as, “that’s a simple fix we’ll push out in the next release.” Or maybe, “you’re a st_pid git who needs to change his settings.” But nothing.

The item I posted for my wife and eventually solved myself was fairly easy with some insider info, but no employees are apparently trolling this community and it’s becoming obvious that this product, in the infant state that it is, is unsupported, unusable to most, and that a jump to the paid version would be meaningless for anyone. If I can’t get a simple window size issue addressed for free what about about the real problems?

I would love to move away from outlook as thunderbird has proved itself all but useless. Em Client is really the only viable option I have seen; but after a few months I’ve found some minor annoyances that have been perpetuated through rolls outs with no response from the developers.

I’ve dealt with software development and I know how these things are perceived from the inside angle but this stuff is really what distinguishes a professional system and support from armature garbage. I have to say that if someone over there at Em Client doesn’t start responding to this stuff it’ll be the death of this thing and that will be sad, very sad indeed.

Hi Bill,

sorry to hear that, however our development team is not 100 people and for free users it is hard to provide support on every day basis, because guess what they don’t pay for the wages, but as a software developer you certainly know that.

eM is not an open-source software and our focus needs to go primarily to our paying customers.

If you would be willing to participate some more in our community and help other users I can even provide you and your wife with a professional licenses.

Let me know.

eM Client Inc