Ignoring alerts should be an option

This is between a problem and an idea - My companies outlook server (and many others as I have seen online) has several small blips throughout the day (I think it is just a response time factor). I get notified by em client every time and this is VERY frustrating. It will eventually be a deal breaker, in outlook for example, there is a notification that reconnects and retries are occuring but you are not notified unless the problem is persistent. I would like a way, that way or otherwise, to quiet these messages.

Great client overall, I will very likely purchase this if I can get it to annoy me less, I think this is my only issue so far!


You can go to Settings>General and under the Operations section, uncheck the “Show window when an error occurs” option. No further alert windows should be displayed now.
Hope that helps.


Great! It was troubling me that I couldn’t find it! Thanks for the help!!


Would it be possible to have this option on per account basis? Some accounts are more important than others, and I wouldn’t like to miss errors for my work email account…