If mail account list (collapsed folder view) could show number of unread mails it would be very useful

Emclient is a superb programme, just had a small request if it could be implemented.

Sometimes, our email accounts are in collapsed folder view as given in the image attached. In this case if we are not careful enough to expand the dropdown indication, we miss out new email.

So, if emclient could display number of unread emails for that account even in that collapsed folder list, it would be great !!

Another feature request, maybe even a combined inbox, could be provided, combined sent box, combined junk mail, it would save so much time & effort going into each…

Thanks a million for your excellent support, you have always been very very prompt… :slight_smile:

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Hello and thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately this is not completely possible using the current options, however we’re considering improving this in future releases of eM Client.

I was wondering exactly the same thing, as I have 7 accounts and it’s taking too much space to work comfortably.
Collapsing them solves this but I have the same issue as R Saraf, that it’s not showing number of unread e-mails then.
This is from a year ago, has this been taken up yet?

unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented. Unread emails are only shown for the folder, not whole account.
You can see all the Unread messages under Smart folder’s Unread folder though.


This feature is VERY important to me. Due to it’s lack of existence, even though so far this is my favorite client, I am probably going to have to not purchase it due to this lacking feature.

Additionally, if there could be an option added to allow different accounts to be checked on a different frequency, that would be ideal. I have, for example, one account that just downloads logs for my review. While I want to be interrupted every 5 minutes when a new email comes in from a client, I do not want to be interrupted in my work day every time a log or other email comes in that is not time sensitive. With a sad face, off to look for another client, even though this one is by far my favorite. These are deal breakers for me.

Very nice idea!

I strongly support the request.
But I don’t need the actual number of unread messages, for my purposes it would sufficient if eM Client would indicate that is at least one unread message in the tree, e.g. by displaying the account name in a different color.

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    I have set up my emails in sub-folders and I like to keep things tidy with folders collapsed, but when I do so, I don’t have a visual clue of whether there are unread emails or not.
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    I would love this option also. I’m trying to navigate 9 imap accounts and the “Smart folders” with all inboxes gets quite chaotic really fast. If I fold out all the accounts I get a HUGE list to scroll through due to so many subfolders and stuff.

Any update on this feature?  I am testing the program and considering purchasing but I have over 10 email accounts all with sub folders that I use so have to keep the folders collapsed but can not see if mail comes in.  ANY UPDATE to fix this?

I support this suggestion as well. Big handicap