If I buy 2 PRO licenses will I get 2 activation keys?

My wife and I want to use eM Client PRO on 2 PCs, so I understand we must purchase 2 licenses.  From reading the forum, I see that there have been a number of activation problems associated with use of eM
Client on multiple PCs.  So, before I actually purchase 2 PRO licenses, I have 2 questions:

1 -  The web site says $49.95 for a single license, and $64.95 for 2 licenses.  If I am willing to pay $64.95 for 2 licenses, will I get 2different activation keys (i.e. one for each PC), or will I get only one activation key to use on both PCs?   

2 - My wife and I use separate primary e-mail addresses and PCs, and we want to register one license to her e-mail address/PC and the other license to my e-mail address/PC.  Can we do this?  (I know I can do it by purchasing each license in a separate transaction, but that would cost $49.95 x 2 = $99.90 instead of $64.95).

How should I proceed if I want to register her email address/PC on one PRO licenseand my email address/PC on the other PRO license for a total price of $64.95?

emclient is free for 2 email accounts. you can register for free with your account on your pc and with your wife’s email account on her pc. or 2 email account on one pc with one email

Thanks for the quick response, but it doesn’t answer my question.  I know I can use FREE license on each pc.  I want to buy PRO licenses for both computers, and want to know if I will get 2 activation keys when I pay $64.95?  Thanks again.

Why go Pro if you use only 2 email accounts ?

To further clarify, my wife uses more than 2 email addresses on her computer and so do I.  So - the FREE version won’t work for either one of us.

I see. You can read all emails by one of your accunts, so you won’t need pro license.

What do you mean that I can read all of my emails from one account?  If that’s true, why would anyone ever by a PRO license?

I have 10 different acconuts and I configured my gmail account to pull emails from the other accounts, so I use only one account in emclient with a free license.

Appreciate the suggestion, but that’s too much hassle to save $65.  Do you know the answer to my original question?   Thanks.

I’m not sure. Anyway it is easy to configure pulling emails as I suggested.

I think to get the discount, you must register them with the same account (not positive about this), but I’m not sure why this matters. With 2 licenses you can use on two machines. The license account address has nothing to do with the email accounts you can access. That is, you can have completely different email address set up than your wife, regardless of how the license is issued.

I have 2 pro licenses  one for desktop and the other for my laptop.  Both are under the same name and email account.  I just make sure that the desktop has one license number the the laptop has the other. And Yes I have over 6 different email accounts  under emclient.  My wife has a free license as she  only has one email acocunt on a separate machine.
There is a web site to keep track not very friendly but it does work and you need to have silverlight (microsoft)  installed on browser for it to work properly

My suggestion is to set up a folder where you store the license infomation so you can keep track also place the software that you are using in this folder so if you need to access it you know where everything is.

And also use the emclient backup  facility  it works very well especially if you need to move things to a new machine.

To verify what I am saying wait for EMclient tech to respond to your question.

if you got 3x email accounts you need a Pro license. Free license only allows 2x.

Thanks Richard,  I’ll wait to hear from emClient tech, but it sounds like you answered my question.  My concern was if buying 2 licenses in one transaction (at the discounted price) would give me two unique activation codes, or if I would only be issued one code.  If only one code, I was worried that their licensing system would balk when I tried to use it on my wife’s computer.  Thanks also for suggestions on safekeeping of license codes and software as well as the backup facility.  If you haven’t already discovered it, I’m using freeware called “MailStore Home” which is a terrific e-mail archiving system compatible with many (most?) e-mail systems.  Puts everything in one compact place, and provides a powerful search capability.

Thanks Jay,  Great - so, if I buy the 2 licenses at the discounted rate using my e-mail account as the license “owner”, install the client on my PC and my wife’s PC, I can then activate her PC using one code and mine with the other?

Yes, this is no problem.  I have the same setup.

Many thanks.

Hello Jay,

Thank you for your interest. As described above, if you buy a MULTI license, the purchase will be made under one address but you will get unique activation codes that you can use on any computer that you’d like. The license doesn’t require you to set up an e-mail in eM Client under which it was purchased.

Richard mentions the old licensing system that only worked in IE - we have rectified this last month with the release of a new license manager that you can access on all browsers.

If you have other questions about the purchase, please contact sales@emclient.com


Thanks Maurice,  I’m going to go ahead with purchasing 2 PRO licenses.  Just to close out this thread, I also received the following answer from eM Client in response to an e-mail I sent to info@emclient.com.  It’s essentially the same as your answer except it says I will receive one activation key that can be used on two computers, but offers that if I have a problem and need a second key,  eM Client will provide it.  Here’s the text of the reply to my e-mail:


thank you for contacting us. eM Client license is meant to be used on one computer only so you will have to purchase another license if you want to use eM Client on multiple computers at the same time - that is correct. 

If you purchase the licenses at once you’ll obtain single activation key that you can use on two computers. 

In case you need to split the licenses in two separate keys we can do it for you after the purchase. Just let me know please.

Best regards,
Juraj Micek
eM Client

Thanks to all of you for your help!