Identifying rule that puts specific user into junk

My eM Client currently has about two hundred rules–each with very small type and difficult to read. How can I find the handful of incorrect rules that places mail I receive from my daughter and best friends into Junk E-mail? I’ve struggled to read through all the existing rules and cannot spot the few rules that are not functioning beneficially for me.

Secondarily, I’d like to consolidate existing rules into fewer numbers without attempting to reconstruct them again.

I recommend a way to export en masse the rules into a proper text editor and import them back to eM Client.

Thanks for your help.

–John A Kossey

While trying to figure out which rules are moving emails from daughter and friends you can create 1 rule placed at the TOP of the current 200 rules.


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Hello, Sunriseal,

Your workaround rule works nicely. I apologize for not letting you know much sooner.


–John A Kossey