Ideas for emclient product enhancement

Hello - two ideas for future release. 1. reduce the gap between bottom line of email and the footer to reduce amount of printed output 2. I was perplexed with saving a new email to draft . . I expected there to be only ONE draft until email was fully complete but each time I saved seemed to generate an additional draft! (I learnt this only by checking the email icon on my windows 7 taskbar. Until then, I was worried that my latest draft seemed to have vanished). Incidentally, I had to go to Help to find out about saving as draft . . Should menu Save be reworded Save to draft? Otherwise, product does the business.

Thank you, we will certainly consider it. As regards the second point, I presume you are using Gmail - it is the only possible way how to deal with multiple Drafts created by Gmail at the moment. After you send the message, all the previous drafts are deleted.

Hi George - my only connection with Google is to use their Chrome browser. I didn’t set out to create multiple drafts of a new email but was only saving the document at each of four key points as I went along . . . For this task yesterday, my latest Save disappeared (for example if I switched to view a different folder) and I only rediscovered it by separately analysing all four Saves from the emClient icon on my task bar. So essentially my beef was why a new Save didn’t overwrite the previous Save until the mail was actually Sent - which I’m sure was the case with Outlook Express. Hope this follow-up elucidates!

Can you please tell me what exact steps are needed to simulate the multiple drafts issue? I could not simulate it. What mail service do you use?

Hello George - good question! I’ve just now tried to reproduce the experience but no luck! Doing a sequence of Saves (and staying within emClient) , only the final one could be seen/retrieved so this must be good news for you but is weird for me because that definitely happened when I reported it. Best - and perhaps delete my post of a few days ago . . .