Ideas for comming versions

i miss some tools in the client

  • rules for incoming and outgoing mails 

  • open calender and adressbook in a new tab

  • some quick action button at the right mouse button, like delete, marking, print , mark as read .
    sometimes the menu on the right mousebutton is to big . If you receive many mails a quickaction button will help.

  • bug : every incoming mails from gmail (gsuite) is important , very annoying


Hi Sascha.

Opening in a new tab would be GREAT! You have my vote on that.

Rules can already be set separately for incoming and outgoing emails.
Menu > Tools > Rules > New rule > Apply custom rule on messages I receive (or send)

I see what you mean about the right click options. You want to be able to reduce the size of the list. Personally, I would like to see more options. Each to his own. :slight_smile:

Important GMail marking has been extensively discussed in this forum.
Jay Ogram gives a good solution near the end of the discussion and in this one also

  1. “Move to archive” is not working on IMAP accounts (when account is not gmail/outlook).

  2. Drag&drop in calendars is not working, when I want to move an event to antoher cal (like mails to different folders).

  3. I have categories in my Inbox, grouped by “priority”: for example, I have NEW, URGENT, LATER.
    Normally, I keep only NEW expanded and all others collapsed, so I can focus on what’s important now;
    But then if I do a search, or switch to another folder and go back to Inbox, *all* groups are expanded.

  4. Lack of several rules, e.g. mark with flag, mark with priority.

  5. QuickActions, like in Outlook - I can define a “macro” (action: a) mark with flag, b) set HIGH priority, c) mark as read) and then  run the macro with hotkey.

  6. Make rules directly from mail list, “based-on”.

Hi raven66

  1. Move to archive is commonly not set up correctly, that is why it does not work. You want to ensure that the scope is set, otherwise nothing will happen. I have tested it on servers other than GMail and and it works fine.

  1. Drag and drop in calendars does work. You will end up with a drag and copy if you drag from a read-only calendar. It definitely will not work if you drag to a read-only calendar.

  2. This is unfortunate. I have mine sorted by date (default) and I like to keep the “older” ones collapsed. It is a nuisance when it auto-expands when I change folders. You have my vote on that.

  3. Rules on the whole are very basic. Some improvement will be most welcome.

  4. Macros are ambitious, but even just custom shortcuts will be welcome.

  5. Create rule from is there, but it only works on email addresses.

2. Drag and drop in calendars does work. You will end up with a drag and copy if you drag from a read-only calendar. It definitely will not work if you drag to a read-only calendar.

It is working actually, but on the basic events.
I know why I wrote, that it isn’t working - because if I attempt to drag an event, which is shared with someone, as soon as I drag it outside the calendar’s “canvas” it drops this event and a popup emerge with a question if I want to send update.

Does it work if you right-click and move to folder? I would still expect the update question though.

Yes, “move to” works, but drag&drop no.

I would love to have the calendar in a separate window. Currently I have my google calendar open as a chrome app, but drag and drop of e-mails into making them an event doesn’t work as it worked with outlook. This is the single most important feature I miss since moving from over from outlook.
(I know there is the option to create an event from a message, but specifically entering the time in the form is such a PAIN … I found an old thread discussing to change this into a drop down, but it was deemed as not to be changed …)