Idea: Unflagging email should not move from current location.

If the current date is 4/30/2018 and I un-flag an email it will scroll me down to the email area of when the email was originally received or sent based off the date.  Meaning that it will bring me down to emails around 1/30/2018.  I then need to scroll back up to the top to get back to the flag emails on the top.

My emails are sorted by Flagged items first.

When you un-flag an email eM Client should not move from its current location nor should it scroll you down.

A couple of suggestion, neither one is perfect, I don’t believe.

1.  You can change the sort by clicking on the “Sort by” at the top of the message list.  If you then select “Flagged”, they will appear first on your list.  There can also be a secondary sort (same procedure, but click on “Secondary sort” and select one).  The only issue with this is that the Groups it displays will only be “Flagged” or “No Flag”,

2.  The Smart Folders already have a Flagged view-- to see it, right-click on the “All Inbox” in the Smart Folders and make sure “Flagged” is checked.  This, of course, will only display flagged messages.