Idea: Favorite Folders listed at top


I am folder-crazy…so many folders, so little time. :wink:

Seriously, I create a different folder for each project I’m doing. It would be great to be able to have my current project folders at the top of the list for easy access (perhaps similar to Facebook’s Favorite Groups feature), this would save me from renaming the folder, or having to scroll the list.

Just an idea, thanks!

Best wishes,

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+1 for this idea. Love this very same feature in Outlook.


you can create search folder for this, it will stick under “Smart folders” and you serve as virtual folder with filters what it shows and what not, you can also name it :wink:


Search Folders is a decent work-around except that it does not display an unread count.

Actually, search folders do not work well with Gmail accounts. If you try to move a message out of a search folder, it won’t get moved. It will get linked into the destination folder, but it will not be moved out of the originating folder.

Search Folders does not equal Favorites
Not even as a workaround

No, they are not the same, just a lot more powerful.

+1 on this - please lock smart folders at top of folder list so they are always there, even when scrolling down folder list.