idea : Capitalization of letter

eM Client to capitalize " i " when it stands alone and it does not capital the first letter in beginning of a new line. attached snapshot ![]( 244 inline.png?1487267138 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1552986/RackMultipart20170216-21926-11nxek2-Screenshot__244__inlinepng1487267138”) ![]( 245 inline.png?1487267150 “Image:”)t.

thank you for sharing your idea on the server where our developers may consider it for future versions.


Anything on this?  Using Outlook for work and eM for home, makes it very difficult to deal with eM not implementing auto capitalization of ‘i’,  I like to simplicity of eM but can’t deal without this feature which seems like it’s never going to get implemented. Was going to roll it out for all my family accounts, but without this feature it’s a non-starter.  Anything on the horizon? Thanks.

eM Client offers capitalization of the first letter of a sentence only. For anything else, you might want to use a utility to auto-correct while you type. I use one for contractions and certain words that need unusual capitalization like eM Client.

You mean like an AutoHotKey script?  Or are there third party spell checkers that i can plug into eM?  Thanks!

Yes, something like that. I use a commercial product called FastKeys, and it corrects a lot of things as I type. Just like capitalizing the I. These utilities work with all applications, so no plugins required.

Many thanks.  I’ll give it a look.