.ics import error message

I get this error: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when I try to import /open a .ics file in calendar of 5.0.18661.0 .

I’m running win 7 64bit and .ics import function was working fine before last emclient update .

Any idea how to solve the problem?

thank you for reporting this. We are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix. Hope we will be able to provide it soon.

Is this a problem associated with the latest release? I am encountering problems with ics import that I did not have before I recently upgraded my software. Can I go back to the older version for now? Did not see a link to it on your website.


please contact me on galis@emclient.com together with this topic’s URL in subject.

Anyway solution to this issue should be released soon as it is repaired and it only needs to be compiled into one of the versions.


Is this fixed? I am a brand new user, coming from Thunderbird as they functionally killed that program. EM Client seems great but if I can’t add Calendar entries from email then I need to find something else!

it is now working fine after I have installed a link sent I think by John.
eMclient is really a great program and I am looking forward to installing version 6. Rgds

If anyone will need to help with this issue, please contact me directly on my email: galis@emclient.com with this topic’s URL in subject otherwise I will not abe able to find out what is going on.

I will send you then newer version, I need to do this over emails because it is not destined to be shared publicly.

with regards