ICS calendar attachments 4 or 5 hours off since update

Since the update to the new version about 1 month ago we have had a problem with the calendar attachments. The main problem is that we receive a lot of .ics attachments that we open and add to the calendar. They already have preset info added for events date, time, etc. We never had any issues with previous versions and all info was added to the calendar correctly. After the update it is adding all the .ics attachment events 4 or 5 hours behind. So if we open an event and it shows 4pm-6pm and then save it. It shows on the calendar as 11am-1pm. Please help as this is one of the most important things we use and now we have to go in manually to the calendar after saving the events from the ics attachments and drag them to the correct time.


I assure you we will take a look at it.
It would be great if you could send one affected .ics file at cooper@emclient.com.
Can you please provide information about your calendar service provider and whether you tried to open .ics attachment in different client or webmail?
What email client is the sender using?
Also we will appreciate if you provide version of eM Client you are running, you can check it by clicking on Menu>Help>About.

Kind regards


We use google for our calendar. We are using version 7 of em client and this problem started happening after we upgraded to version 7 about 1 month ago. If we try to open the .ics file on iphones it is put on the calendar at the correct time so the problem seems to be within em client. We have a custom booking script that our guests book tours and when they book it sends us an .ics attachment with all the details that we open and save on our calendar. Everything was working great and no issues with the time until we upgraded em client. I will send an .ics attachment to the email you provided now.