iCloud won't clear outbox


I used eM Client with windows 7 + iCloud and got a heavy problem: some mails - not all - stuck in an new folder “outbox”.  I could not delete mails as well as the folder;  quite the contrary the mails where doubled. At least I had to contact the Apple Support and it took weeks to eliminate the failure. They said, that eM Client could had had interfered in an unauthorized manner. 

Now, after the mistake  is fixed, I dare to try eM Client again, which is really bad, because eM Client seemed to me a strong, useful, at least much better alternative to Outlook.

Hi, I’m not completely sure how to help you at this moment, can you download the latest version of eM client and possibly make a fresh install, I’m using my iCloud account without any issues.
If you had difficulties with the account we could have try finding a solution, but you’d have to open the application, maybe turn on logging for the account or if there are any error shown post them here etc.

Thank you for understanding,


The same happens to me. Contact with Apple was useless in my case. They have said that eM Client creates the folder “outbox” and I should delete it using this software. However, it is impossible. Additionally, eM Client is continously sending emails in folder (the same emails). In that way I have become a “spam maker”.

Of course deleting emails and folder by icloud.com is impossible


as I’ve written above - the Apple support was very kind. It took nearly two weeks, but today they called me back to tell, that they’ve sold the problem. Indeed I was able to delete the wrong mails and folder.

Hi Michal, can you please make a screenshot of your iCloud account settings in Tools > Accounts > iCloud account > IMAP, and make a screenshot of your Special folder setup…

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