iCloud/Exchange IMAP Failure - Won't download e-mail, nor report anything wrong. Have to quit and restart to continue normal functionality.

IMAP servers are constantly timing out, many times a day. Clicking “Send and Receive Email” does not re-establish a connection - I have to manually exit the program and start it again. eM Client will ACT like it’s downloading messages, but won’t actually do it. Once I exit and restart, it will once again poll the servers and pull down the appropriate messages. There is no real notification of an issue - I will go hours sending and receiving e-mail as normal, only to look at my iPhone and notice I have received a dozen new e-mail messages. This happens on all my iCloud accounts, as well as my Exchange accounts.

I also get A LOT of error messages, one that I just got says:

An error occured
Uploading item(s) to folder ‘FOLDERNAME HERE’ failed with an error: Set action is invalid for property.

It should be noted that I get a lot of error messages, I feel like I am always dismissing the error box.

Here is one of the error messages I get. After this message, I believe that IMAP no longer works until I restart the program. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with my IMAP settings, nor is the server unavailable. I use 2 separate IMAP servers (and an Exchange server) too.

IMAP - iCloud, Dreamhost
Exchange through Office 365

Hi, could you make screenshot of Tools - Accounts - your account and tabs so I can see what could be cause of this issue?


Sure, and thank you! Here you go…

if I understand this correctly you’re running only iCloud and Exchange accounts?
Can you please share some of the errors you’re receiving? Also when you receive the errors could you please check the Log tab and copy the content of that tab here as well?

Is this an everyday issue? Was it working properly before these errors started showing up?
Also what version of eM client are you using?

Thank you,