iCloud events read only (forbidden) in eM for Win7

Just download eM Client free today, sync iCloud calendars and GMail calendar, looks beautiful! Created new event in GCal and iCloud calendars (on eM) and worked great and showed up on my iPhone and respective cloud sources. Changed a GCal event and everything updated just fine on all locations. Changed an iCloud event (originally created on iPhone/iCloud) and error:
Failed to upload item “Event name here”
Item wasn’t uploaded to CalDAV server because the server returned error:
Forbidden (Forbidden)
Which action do you want to take?
[Upload later] [Skip upload] [Delete item]

Upload later dismisses the dialog box, but the error returns everytime I make any change to any calendar item, and never does upload that item to iCloud. Subsequent edits to GCal events, or creating new events in iCloud calendars (on eM client) succeed just fine, but keep popping up that same error saying that one event keeps failing to upload. Every event created in iCloud/iPhone (not eM) seems to be “write only” in eM. But if it’s created in eM first, then it can be edited ONCE on iPhone/iCloud, then becomes read only on eM client and gives “forbidden” error (above) and won’t let me move/change it in eM.
I’ll very happily pay to get the PRO version if iCloud changes will work in both directions!

What URL did you set it up? Please be sure you set it up with correct URL as written at https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to… . If you were correct we would appreciate if you send us logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check CalDAV. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to this forum topic) using the same logging settings window.

i have the same problem! any solution??

Me too, same problem even though everything is fine and correct.

our developers are currently working on the fix. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Soooooo anything yet?

Any progress?

You can expect it in the version 5.5.

…do I get something wrong: I use version 4.0.15145, no update available. So the next update should be 5.0 but for full iCloud integration I have to wait until 5.5?
Is there any Beta I can get access to?

Yes, the upcoming version is 5.0 but most probably it will not contain all planned changes. That is why I wrote you can expect it in the version 5.5.
If you are interested in Beta version, contact me directly at [email protected].

I get this exact same error almost every time I try to create an event. I give the event a name and a reminder date and uploading fails 9 out of 10 times. After saying “Upload later” you also never have any idea if it’s uploaded by now or that my phone is still out of sync, since there is absolutely no visual distinction for non-uploaded events.

I bought this application, but I’m seriously considering returning it. In this state, it’s useless. What’s the point of syncing at all, if half of the stuff doesn’t sync? Might as well make a local calendar on all my devices. Why doesn’t this have a higher priority? Every other CalDAV application can get it right, so can you.

I don’t need a beta, I need a garantuee this will be fixed in the next version and an ETA on the next version or I will ask you for a refund.

it will be definitely fixed in the next update. If you want contact me directly at [email protected] - I will send you our internal version as soon as it is finished.

Over a year for a fix? I am currently trialling this system… I think this terminates the trial. Even if this issue is resolved in the next release (that may arrive soon) - it doesn’t fill you with confidence that they can support (or build properly) their product.

I have already sent you email. I am sorry for the delay in responding.

Just started the 30 day trial having been using Outlook for years.

I’m getting the same or a similar issue. I can create events but editing them results in a forbidden synchronisation error.


can you please send me your CalDAV log? Tools - Settings - Advanced, mark off CalDAV under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

then please try to simulate your error again (synchronization) and after that send me your created logs to: [email protected]
together with this topic’s URL: