Icloud contacts gone

Hi, for some reason my icloud contacts are not showing up in the contacts section. They are present while entering an e-mail address, but the contacts section only shows "local folder, " which is empty. The icloud contracts were there before but now they are gone. My trial period ran out and I installed the free license. I only have two e-mail accounts within em client. I am just mentioning that because I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I de-installed and installed the icloud account but no change happened, no contacts show up. Any ideas? Thank you!

This is a because of an error with the Apple server where it is giving an incorrect error code that is not according to specification.

We have a workaround for this server error, and it will be in the next release of eM Client 9.2.

Thanks, Gary. Do you have an ETA for that update?

Any Feeling / Idea about when this update will be released?