iCloud Contacts account no longer in navigation panel

I connect eMC to my iCloud contacts. Suddenly the account disappeared from the navigation panel on the left side. It is still in the “Accounts”. See attached images.
Could I have accidentally click a “hide” option somehow?
I could try to remove then re-add the account, but it would help to know what happened first in case this is a bug.

eM Client Contact Navigation

It can happen if you untick the CardDAV service, and later tick it again, that it will not re-establish a connection to the server.

But whatever the cause, your best option will be to remove the account from eM Client, then add it back again.

Thanks for the reply Gary.
I closed eM Client…left computer for about 15 min…came back and everything was OK. I never removed / readded the account.
Also a question…when you say “untick the CardDAV service” did you mean the following? (see red circle below). If so, I never went to the accounts panel before the issue occurred. I was just editing contacts.

Yes, unticking that service will remove the Contacts for that account from view.

The other cause could be a server issue. Which is most likely if it just came back on its own.