icloud contact

I have troubles with my contacts from iCloud

1- no picture

2- everything sorted as firstname lastname in Business Card view.
I want lastname, firstname just like in icloud.
And no matter what I setup in eMClient, it conitnues with firstname lastname which makes 100% unusable to me.
Any way to correct this??? Any setting???
Thanks for any help.


I had the same issue for an hour or so. when you go to your email account you can activate the calendar, you may need to scroll down to see the check box. then you need to go to Icloud to find the URL and copy & paste it into the calendar address location. I just got close and EM Client corrected it and POOF my calendar started filling up. You also need to make sure you use the same calendar on ALL Locations, phone, icloud, emclient :slight_smile: