iCloud calender no more working

My iCloud calender always generate an error. You can see the red mark on the right of the text ‘Icloud account’ in my calender. It does no synchronise anymore. I use 2-factor authentication of Apple. I have 2 passwords generated on the Apple ID webpage (App specific passwords) . Is it necessary to have 2 passwords for emclient ? so 1 for iCLoud contacts and 1 for iCloud calender ? There is no problems with the iCloud contacts . I do not use an Apple iCloud account mail adres but an emailadres of my television provider. I use the icloud server address : https://caldav.icloud.com/

You need to use the App password in eM Client.

Where should I use it ? in both for contacts and calender tabs ?

The App password is for use in an application where you would normally use the account password.

If you are using the wrong one, you will get a popup asking for your password. So in eM Client, use the App password, not the account password.

But that might not be the problem. What is the error you get?

red red mark (on the right of 'icloud) says ‘an attempt to connect to iCloud account failed.
this could be caused by temporory server unavailability or incorrect settings
Please correct settings or try again.’ I have generated a new app specific password for contacts and calender but I still get the error for the calender. The contacts works fine.

can it be that there is a new caldev server adress . I still use : https://caldav.icloud.com/

in the tab ‘general’ of the iCloud account do I have to use my Apple ID password ?