iCloud Calendar synchronisation failed

I have just set up iCloud synchronisation for Calendar and Contacts. The Contacts seem to have worked fine, but nothing is coming through for the Calendar. All I get is:

08:44:46 <> [CalDAV] MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Subfolder synchronization for folder “<>” failed due to the following error: Bad Request

I saw a post from 2 years ago that suggested it might be because the email address had my own domain and I should use “the native @me.com or @icloud.com domain”. Is that still the case? If so, how do I find my Apple ID native email address? If not, can you provide some advice?


Same boat here, @icloudemail fails to sync with “Bad Request”, any luck sorting it out?

I’m having the same problem. I have 2 PCs: one that I set some days ago, works fine, although the Bad Request errors are common. The second one is a new PC, and I’m configuring all email, contact and calendar accounts. When configuring iCloud, the calendar doesn’t show in eM Client. I am using the native @me.com address.

Same with me… it used to work a few months ago. But last week I’ve re-installed my Windows. Did do the setup of emClient as before - but iCloud Calender doesn’t sync. I get the same message as Dangthrimble. Using emClient 7.2.35595.0, Pro-License.

With this sudden flood of issues with iCloud, do you think it is possible that they have changed something over at their end?

Kappa, it might have been useful to backup eM Client before your reinstalled Windows, then restored it after. That way you would have had the exact same settings, so it might have worked. But of course if it is something new happening at iCloud . . .

I’m having the same problem.

I don’t know who changed what… and honestly, I don’t care… I’m paying for an application that advertises to work with major mail / calender / contact providers. If this was some small open source project and / or some minor calender-provider I’d be forgiving. But I’m paying for this… so I expect it to work. Since about 2 weeks, I’m unable to work with my calendar. Maybe I should contact the tales team from emclient… let’s see what they offer for selling a non-functional software.

Kappa, if you have a Pro License, then you can get support directly from eM Client. To do that, please open a support ticket with them. They should be able to offer you more assistance than you will get on this community forum.

But also what did iCloud have to say? Many users are suddenly having issues with them, so it could be their issue.

iCloud updated yesterday and the calendar is now working. Looks like it was an iCloud problem rather than an emClient problem.

I can confirm what Dangthrimble says… it’s working again!

So currently no need for a support ticket. For the future it would be nice to read an official anouncement like “there’s a problem with syncing iCloud calenders - we’re working on it”. Or “there’s a problem with syncing iCloud calenders - it’s based on Apple ticket-ABC123 and will be solved in 5 days” - or something like that.

Just a proposal to improve customer satisfaction and not the leave the customer in darkness.

Why an announcement from eM Client? Should they make some announcement every time every provider has a problem?

Next time you have an issue with iCloud, contact them. Then post your own announcement saying your provider is having a problem!! It is really not eM Client’s responsibility.