iCloud calendar sync problem - although apple third party password set

Hi there,

I installed emClient 8.0.3494 (01b4e33) on macOS Catalina.
My goal is to synchronize my iCloud Calendar and iCloud Contacts with emClient.
Problem: authentification failed.

Thanks a lot for your forum knowledge database, there seemed a solution in the horizon icloud-authorization-issues/62648. 2-way-authentification was turned on at appleid.apple.com, the third app password generation has been activated for emClient. So I used this third app password in my emClient account settings. But… still no synchronization could be seen in the emClient Calendar. So sometimes things need more time to come to an happy end, or am I still wrong in assuming, it’s just an issue of “waiting for connection”?

Thanks in advance for any hint,

sync protocol:

can’t be pasted in this dialogue