iCloud Calendar Notifications (from the past)


I’m using eM Client for Windows and when I add my iCloud calendar, eM Client gives me notifications for all my agenda points of the last 10 years. I did a clean install and the issue persists. It just keeps spamming my windows notifications like crazy.

Is there a fix for this issue? Because I’d like to get notifications, just not for things from the past.

Please let me know if I could provide additional information.

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Same here. Each time I’m getting tons of notifications of past iCloud calendar events to the Windows 10 Notification Bar. Even if I dismiss them, they are getting back once I re-open eM Client. Latest version - 8.0.3385.
I tried also to remove and re-add the items with a restart to the software in between, with no success.

In the end I just gave up. Wish there was a solution…


This is apparently a known problem with the windows system notifications misbehaving and the recommended solution is to turn off the system notifications so that the native notifications from the eM Client application can take over.

Try going to Menu > Settings > General > Notifications and disabling the "Use system notifications box ".


Brilliant. Perfectly works. BTW if you check it back after you clean all notifications then in the next time you open eM Client it won’t present all these past events.


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