icloud "Authentification failed"

Since today my icloud-account (***@mac.com) is not working with em-client any longer. Up until Thursday everything went fine. Today after the easter holiday I came back to work and I get the message “Server says “Unauthorized”” and am required to give my username and the password. Neither mail nor calendar or contacts are working.
I am sure that my password is correct as I logged onto my icloud after these problems started. Everything works on my mac-book and my iphone.

I’ve deleted the account from em-client and added it again. I used the set-up recommended by this page here (http://www.emclient.com/em-with-icloud).

I’ve seen this problem came up two years ago but none of these tipps have helped.

I have a suspicion the problem could be caused by an additional authorization requirement where apple sends me a code when I log into my icloud from a new computer even though I’m using the same computer as last week.

Does nobody have an idea? Is information missing?

I found the problem and was able to solve it for the time being.
I had updated my iOS to 9.3. One of the new features is the two-factor-authentification. Em-Client does not (yet) have that function covered. Therefore my mac-account refused to give out information.

The now obvious solution was to deactivate to two-factor-authentification. Then everything works fine again.

Question to the em client team: Will this be solved in a later version?


If you’re using the two-factor authentication and don’t want to turn it off, you can go to your Apple ID settings, click on edit in the security section and generate an app specific password for eM Client. This will allow eM Client full access without encountering these issues.

This is Apple’s security measure by design and as such, without generating an app specific password, this cannot be solved on our side.



Could you tell me where can i put this specific password in eM CLient?