iCloud Account - issue with connectivity

Hi, I am having issues the app for my iCloud account. I getting this all the time!!!

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 14.46.09

From the looks of your screenshot, you are getting a spinning symbol on the right of your account.

Check first if there is any iCloud Mail Server problems via the following page iCloud server status page .

If that is all ok with a “Green icon” next to iCloud Mail, and the spinning symbol has been happening for many days and never stops, i would then suggest (if you haven’t already) to try removing and re-adding your iCloud account and see if that fixes it. Could be possibly some local acct problem within eM Client.

Note:- When you remove and re-add your mail account, you will get a spinning symbol again till all your iCloud server mail is locally cached again in eM Client and this can take time depending on the size of your mailbox.

Now If you have already tried removing and re-adding your iCloud account and its been days and you still have the spinning symbol, then could be you might have an older or outdated version of eM Client and you might need it updating. You can check for all the latest versions of eM Client for Pc & Mac via the release history page.

Note:- If you do upgrade to a later version, backup first via “Menu / Backup” (pc) or “eM Client / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete in “Show Operations” via the dropdown on the right of Refresh. Also close eM Client before upgrading.

Lastly if you already have the latest version for PC or Mac and still getting the constant spinning symbol next to your account, then could be you might have some eg: optional program installed running resident interfering with eM Client such as an optional antivirus program, or optional firewall / security program or VPN. So if you have anything like that installed, try completely disabling it to test.