IceWarp Client vs eM Client - Similar codebase? Does it confer all the same features?


If I buy the upstream eM Client pro license, do I get all the same cool IceWarp integration features as with the IceWarp Client?  Are they whitelabelling with full source code access to them or do you develop it?  Are you the same developers? :-O 

What I want to know is: Do I get the same (or better) with eM Client?  I like to reward the upstream! ^.^

Love your software by the way.  SQLite backend, clean UI and somewhat decent feature-set… and none of the Outlook-Ima-throw-out-manual-configuration-and-nerf-activesync fail…  If it had complete server-side rules support for Office 365 I’d be using it at work already.

Kind Regards,

Martyn Hare