I would like to set a time of day for auto-archiving to occur. (when I have no limit on download byte-count). Is this possible?



it is possible ̈. Click on start menu and write “task scheduler”, click on library in leftside bar (click only do not open), after this right click in top-centre window on eM client" and select properties.

And there you can set your desired time :slight_smile:

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No task scheduler in WIndows 8 - best I can tell

well I am quite surprised that anyone is using win 8 actually, but this should be the way how to turn task scheduler on:

  1. start screen
  2. write "task scheduler

or by Google it should be also accessible in control panel and under administrative tools.

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This is not very helpful. It should explain what to enter on each screen as well. For instance what is the keyword for the emclient command line for auto archive ?

I hope this will help you, anyway do you really mean automatic archiving by its name? then all you can set it directly in Tools - Settings - Mail - Automatic Archiving, nothing else is needed…