I would like to see an image filter that resizes images in incoming email. .

A hundred ways to do it on outgoing mail - but no one does. With all the camera phones and small hand held cameras getting up into the 12-16MB range the huge pictures people send are annoying.

Hello, this is unfortunately not possible using eM Client.

This is not completely possible, as the attachment is being sent out to the server, and thus to compress the size of the attachment your server would have to scan the file, understand what kind of file it’s dealing with and compress it for your IMAP connection which would then be able to receive a smaller image.

eM Client unfortunately has no way of knowing what kind of file would be downloaded and since it’s an offline client, before we can work with any kind of data, we have to download it from the server, which would be impossible with an image that has already been sent to and received by the server.

Hope this helps.