I won't be handing over more money to get ripped off again.

You know, this program is a scam. I have a paid 5.0 version on one computer and use a freebie version on another. Of course, the paid version, where I supposedly had a year of updates, is still stuck on version 5 with nothing being updated while the freebie “hey, wanna by it” version is now on 6 and is still being updated.

What good is a year of updates when there’s nothing being done on 5 because it’s now an old version?? I paid for a year of updates and because of a number change that money is gone. Oh, but I can shell out another $20 to get the next version and supposedly “lifetime” updates? Yeah, sure, until the rules change and “lifetime” only means until the name of the program is altered or the new version isn’t covered by “lifetime” updates. I feel ripped off and will not be paying again. I just checked and I have at least five months more of “paid” update time that’s worthless while the freebie version keeps getting improved on in order to sell more licenses. No thanks. I’ll be switching over to another program or simply using the freebie version from now on. The last email client I paid for updated their program all the time, and the license didn’t expire until a version change, but that version change took a very, very long time to arrive as their version number went up by extremely small advancements. It wasn’t “hey, you paid for 5.0 and all it’s updates? Great, thanks, oh, we’re changing to 6.0 now and your license won’t cover that update. Give us more money, though!” Nope.

Hi, we have set deadline for possibility to upgrade to 6th version for users who has date of expiration after (and included) 1.6. 2014

nowhere in license is promised that users with older version will get newer, so this is actually gift for users so they will not feel any ripoff.

Lifetime updates are of course lifetime and it will not change plus you are still able to receive 5th version updates which is what you have bought. So I do not understand your anger.


I’ll explain, then. On the freebie version that I used for testing before purchasing, a notice for email upgrade to 6 came through. On my 5.0 paid version on another computer, it didn’t. I went to “help” and chose “check for update” and it said there are no updates available. Any other program I have will notify of a new version number and will update.

Now, my paid version can be updated until May 20th, 2014. Are you saying that if I download version 6.0, my license will work for that? I didn’t see anything saying that on the download or payment pages so I didn’t want to try it.

no, your license will not work for 6th version. As I have mention in previous post your license would have to end after 1. June 2014.

You were not offered 6th version on your pro license activation simply because you are not eligible to update to 6th version.
But don’t worry we will still release bugfixes to 5th version or you can buy upgrade from 5th version here: http://www.emclient.com/renew-license…


Yeah, no, I’m not paying for another version and then having to pay for version 7 after maybe a year and have that kind of thing go on and on forever. I’ve never had any other program that I’ve paid for switch versions so quickly just to milk more money out of people. You’d probably make more money selling lifetime versions at a decent price or for a set time period no matter how many versions or patches there were. I’m just not going to continue paying for something like an email program every year.

Hi, I am sorry to read that you are not satisfied with our product and licensing.


Sounds like very unusual licensing terms so I’m not surprised at the anger.
Usually one gets a certain version and unlimited updates for that one version.  Or time-limited updates but get everything that appears in that timeframe.  (Or perhaps unlimited lifetime updates, which is less usual but nicer.)  You’ve provided the lowest possible intersection of these first two common patterns:  limited time updates to a single version.  That’s unusually, well, crappy.  Please don’t be surprised at his reaction.

There are lots of software companies out there that only provide updates for a certain version for a limited time as well as putting out new versions every year. Just as an example, take a look at Quicken. Every year, they come out with a new version. You can either pay for a full new version (no upgrade price) or you can stick with your current version. Once the new version comes out, unless there is a major bug that needs to be corrected in the older version, you are not going to be seeing any updates for the older version.

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