I wish All Day Events would default as Free instead of Busy

I think of “All Day Events” as events that don’t have a specific time associated with them, but aren’t keeping me busy all day long.

For example, I might add an All Day Event for an offsite day away from the office. That kind of event does not mean I will be “Busy” for 24 hours. It’s just marking that day in the calendar as a special day.

Or for another example, if I know I need to perform a specific task on a specific day – like pick up the dry cleaning – I add an All Day Event on that day. But again, I’m not busy for 24 hours. On the contrary, it just means that at some point in that day, I have to go pick up the dry cleaning.

Therefore, I would much rather have All Day Events default as “Free” instead of as “Busy.”

(Outlook defaults All Day Events to Free.)