I was told eMC was easy to install, but not for me.

I want an email account that is NOT linked to gmail, with which I also have an account.
It looks like I’ve already installed eMC but I don’t receive any email. I used the email address I was given for Road-runner and Time Warner, but I gave up on their email program. Should I use something different? POP or IMAP? I’m a senior citizen and a novice with computers. How do I get your program up and running? I was told it was EASY.


can I ask with what exactly do you have a problem?

Installation is as simplified as it can be - read all instructions everytime they pop in window and click on next.

you can have email account that is no linked to gmail, outlook.com for example or many other email service providers.
If you use some minor service provider you need to ask them or find out for all informations to connect to their servers as we can not make this automatized for every provider.