I was forced to OFFLINE status due to error "Approach to way C:/bug20170822110201.txt" [email protected]

After being restricted to forced OFFLINE status I knew error"Approach to way C:/bug20170822110201.txt" I have sent this info to: [email protected] 2 days ago but no help was still received! Can you help me please to solve this unfortunate situation? Thanks in advance. [email protected]

I have a similar problem with being forced offline and can’t get it back online.  Usually I can download emails by closing and opening eM Client (but not always).  I cannot normally send anything because eM Client immediately goes offline. One time only I was able to send the (few) emails I had accumulated in my Outbox (which I don’t normally use).  The stated reason why I have been forced offline is that supposedly eM Client has (had) not been able to contact my server for 14 days  This is completely false.  It is true that for a couple of years now eM Client intermittently/frequently has been giving me notices that the server is not available when in fact it was, and eM Client was downloading and sending all of my message.  For the last couple of weeks however it forces me offline immediately after downloading all of my messages after a new start up.  And the stated reason is that it has not been able to contact the server for AT LEAST 14 days (which is completely false–it only can’t contact the server while it is forced offline–an obvious circle here).  My account settings are all exactly the same as on another computer with eM client (and the same server) and the program is working fine on that computer. Also, I do have the most current version of eM client.

I have identical problem.You have solving? Hi.
Karel Hovad
[email protected]

Hello All, 

could you please send me the logs when the error occurs to [email protected] with the URL to this thread? You can find the logs in Menu > Tools > Operations. Mark all rows with CtrlA and copy-paste them into a .txt file. Send me this file.

Thank you,
Russel Markosky

Dear Mr. Markosky,
I sent you description of the error already. After getting registered my email address: [email protected] at http://support.emclient.com, I found that I should inform you of my PC
OS - XP Professional service pack 3 and my eMclient version is 7.1.30794.0. My XP OS is OK
functioning and I do hope my free licensing of eM Client can continue. Being a pensioner I cannot
afford to pay for change of OS in my PC and I do hope that you will find a good solution to end
my offline status. Many thanks again for all your effort to assist me. Best rgds from Prague.
Aleš Bartoš - [email protected]