I want to see numbers: Database file size, the size of what's being downloaded, etc.

I don’t see any option for enabling numbers. On the Operations screen all I see is a bar that fills up - but that doesn’t really tell me anything. How much data is it downloading? How much data has it downloaded already? Does it know how many files of how many it has completed? How fast is it going? How long has it taken? Numbers!. :smiley:

How big is the Em Client database (without having to look at the database file in explorer, just tell me in the account settings or account properties)? How much mail has been downloaded overall? I see the Mail Quota tab but that’s not the same thing. That’s like how much of the space afforded to me by the mail service have I used…but I want to know how much of that has downloaded to my computer. The Operations screen continues to say it’s downloading and I have no idea how far into the operation it is.

Please add some numbers, or the option for numbers. Thanks!