I want to have a colored dot behind an account when there is a new e-mail. How do I do that?

Hi Andre,

Thank you for this idea. Unfortunately this feature is not implemented in eM Client so I’ll change the subject to Idea. However, you can always see the “unread message count” when you see at least the Inbox folder under the specific account.


I have multiple (6) accounts, so I will have to open all of them to see I which one the new e-mail is. That’s rather complicated.

Hi Andre,

There is an alternative option to have all folders hidden (right click - hide) except of the Inbox folder. This will alert you when there are new messages in the Inbox and each account will be minimised to just three lines. Please note that this is just a workaround and I put your idea to the feature request list.


Until then, you can use the “All inboxes” folder so you only need to check one folder!

Yes, the All Inboxes Smart Folder is meant for this. Instead of checking 6 Inboxes, you just view one combined folder.

I think, the OP’s problem is, that it is not possible to see in smart folders (all inboxes or unread) to which account a certain (unread or other) message belongs. 
In my opinion, the best implementation of such a feature is in Mailbird, where you can freely assign an icon and a colour to each account. This colour is then attached to every message header in all smart folders (as a coloured circle around the senders initials or icon). So you see immediately, without going to the individual account, from which account the message was received, deleted, forwarded, sent, … Something for emClient to consider; certainly, if Mailbird can do it, it cannot be rocket science.

The best option is to create a Rule to assign categories to accounts. Categories can be displayed as color icons or the text of the message in the list can be displayed in the color of the category.

Or you could always include the folder column, then you can see which account  or folder it belongs to. You need to disable conversations in all views to do that. 

Right-clicking on the message header and selecting Properties also shows the location of the message.

@pefunk, I agree. There are also some extensions for Thunderbird which do the same thing (colouring different accounts, I don’t think assigning an icon is an option) - seems very simple to implement.
@Gary Curtin, great idea! Still, it’s a desirable feature which should really be built into software itself.

Yeah, this need to distinguish accounts more clearly has been discussed and requested before. I went the route of using Rules to categorize my accounts, and that has worked just fine for me so far.