I want the free version not the pro - Why is it telling me there is a licensing problem?

Why is it telling me licensing problem?

I used the version and for the first month they gave me pro, I didnt ask for it and assumed after a month it will automatically revert to a free version.

But I guess the 30 days is up, I dont want the pro version. I only have two accounts linked I only use it for personal emails in fact its mostly junk mail and maybe 2 emails a day that might come in, so why is there a problem and how do I fix it?


Hi  Brünilda,

Assuming and not fully reading the instructions will get you in trouble - sorry
You have to apply for the Free license
Just go to https://www.emclient.com/free-license
Fill in the info . You can already copy the license numer from that page.
Save it in a safe place

You may also receive an email to the address you filled in.
Save that too.

After that, apply the license via Menu > Help  > License
and fill in the Lic. Number.