I want my emails to remain on the servers....

How can I make, that the email, which I delete in the eMail-Client, will remain on the server of my provider and gmail-accounts until I decide to delete them manually.
I found out, that these actions are all connected, when I deleite an email on one of the servers or in the email account, they are deleited everywhere and I can’t finde them nowhere anymore.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Sylvia Melano

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Server settings

Thank you, but unfortunately it doesn’t help me that much. WHERE do I have to go to the account settings? In my servers, there is already marked that emails have to remain on them. Nevertheless, when I deleite one on eM Client, it is deleited on the servers as well.

In eM Client itself, I don’t find the possibility to change the settings for POP3.
Sorry for disturbing again, it’s more difficult for me as my mother tongue isn’t english :-).
Thanks again for your detailled help.

Regards from Switzerland


Launch eM Client
Look at the top bar (left to right) and click on tools.
The drop down will show you Accounts.
Click on Accounts and select the POP3 tab.
Look down and you will see ‘Server Settings’


thanky again!

I wonder, if it will work now.
I didn’t finde POP3, just IMAP, and there is no way to put a tic on something like “emails remain on the server”, such a possibility simply doesn’t exist.
I just could put a tic on “download emails for offline use”.
Is it maybe this what you mean?
Or is the german version different, I mean, things named differently?

Thank yu a lot…



Sorry I assumed there would be something similar for IMAP

apparently not! But you don’t have to apologize at all! In contrary, I am thankful for your help anyway and for your quick answer.

Have a nice weekend, regards


That is the difference between IMAP and POP3.
With IMAP you are reading what is on the server so if you delete an email using the client (any client) you are deleting from the server.
When clients access using POP3 the emails are downloaded to your computer and either left on the server of not.
IMAP is a better solution.

A workaround could be to set up a folder in your Gmail account to move emails to rather than deleting them. That would remove them from your Inbox but you would still have them if you wanted to read them later.

Thank you a lot for your message. Now I understand at least the difference between POP3 and IMAP.

Thank you for your advices!!! They are very helpful…

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agnus.black was faster than me but he did great job explaining how this works and many thanks for that!